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Marvel’s Avengers update.

Most recently, the latest news came out about a fairly large update of Marvel’s Avengers, which will definitely be released on March 18. As mentioned, this will be presented in the form of cosmetic and XP-rework.

This reworking of XP, which is currently causing some waves in the community, means an increase in the time required to level up new characters. According to the Crystal Dynamics balance team, the static XP line to advance from level to level led to problems with pace, and players received skill points “too fast”, which the development team considered too confusing and overwhelming for new players.

To solve this problem, increasing your level after level 25 will be slowed down by the introduction of an alignment curve. The changes will only affect the level of the character, and not the speed at which players increase their level of equipment. The development team is encouraging players who hope to quickly level up their current line-up to level 50 to do so before the March 18 patch. In addition to this rework, a Cosmetic Rework will also be implemented, which will change the way some cosmetic items are obtained. To make changes, they temporarily disable accidental drops of cosmetic items. They stated that the players will not lose anything that they have earned currently (and should not). The cosmetics vendor will still be open, with updated outfits and name plates.

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