Marvel Future Revolution, has been consistently teasing heroes, villains, and locations.

Well, almost Marvel’s first open-world RPG on mobile, Marvel Future Revolution, has been consistently teasing heroes, villains, and locations on Twitter over the past few weeks. And also, a new teaser trailer was recently released, featuring some new characters, costume options, and battles in what will be a Marvel game to watch later this year.

This trailer begins with a demonstration of some options for the color of Iron Man’s armor. Those familiar with Marvel heroes may find some fantastic options there, while Marvel’s Avengers fans will be happy to discover that the 10 options shown aren’t just repaints of the same costume. The trailer also showcases the inclusion of multiple heroes such as Vision and Thor, with game reels featuring some playable characters such as Storm, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange.

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The teaser was put together by Marvel Product Development director Danny Koo at Gamescom Asia and was published by Netmarble in HD shortly after. In recent weeks, several locations have been teased, such as Sakaar, Midgardia, and Hydramerica, which are just some of the areas that players will be able to visit when the game is released. The Blitz mode, which consists of players battling supervillains on Primary Earth, has also been confirmed. While few details have been given, this verbiage certainly sounds like the Blitz could be a raid-like mission.But the list of Marvel Future Revolution contributors continues to grow, and the cast of villains will no doubt pique the interest of comic book fans who may have been a little disappointed with other Marvel live-action games that couldn’t handle the high demand for new characters and villains. With no release window for MFR and little to no information on whether we’ll be able to see the game available on other platforms, Netmarble seems to be banking on its versatile cast of characters to lure players into the game.

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