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Many players may have noticed that cross-play was enabled for Destiny 2.

Well, when the Splicer season itself went online last week, some players were able to notice that cross-play was enabled for Destiny 2. Although, according to Bungie, this was a bug, it seems that players didn’t have to wait long to officially test this feature, as the development team announced that it will be tested next week.

And by the way, this week on “This Week at Bungie,” the team behind Destiny 2 detailed the expected release of the upcoming Vault of Glass raid, which is set to begin tomorrow morning. However, in an update, Bungie said it was soon officially testing the cross-play feature, which was turned on too early when Season 14 aired.

“In the early hours of the Splicer season, some of you got your first unfiltered taste of Cross-play. Even though it was caused by a bug, we saw players mixing between platforms, which was awesome! However, we needed to break this bug like a subscription button to get our release back on track. While our current goal is for Cross Play to come out in Season 15, we have a list of things to do before it’s ready, one of which is the beta starting early next week. “

And, starting on May 25 and continuing through May 27, the cross Play beta will be streamed live on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Stadia, allowing players across multiple platforms to get Destiny 2 Carry and jump into Vanguard Strikes with their guardian friends on any platform. Bungie will give players a unique emblem to any player who completes three strikes during the beta period.The Splicer season hit Destiny 2 last week, bringing with it a new activity to redefine 6 players, as well as cross out its weekly summit mission. OG Destiny’s Vault of Glass is the main feature of the new season, opening for players on May 22 with a new title belt.

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