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Mantisco announced the release of “Battle Royale”.

So, during the presentation of State of Play, the developer Mantisco announced the release of the” battle royale ” with elements of the MMORPG Carry Hunter’s Arena: Legends from early access and most importantly shared a new trailer for the game.

And also, along with the full-fledged release, several innovations will be added:

  • Five new hunters. Momo, Dalgi, Wu Kong,
  • Pigsy and Sandy will join the list of available 17 characters.
  • A small map for a more dynamic gameplay with the option of fast travel.
  • A new movement in the combat system called “Quickstep”, which, if used correctly, can completely change the course of the battle with the enemy.
  • A new arena, support for crossplay between PC and PlayStation, and more improved optimization.

But we will have to wait for the full release of Hunter’s Arena: Legends, since it will take place only on August 3 on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Also on the day of release, the game will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers for a whole month, until September 6. If the owners of personal computers are interested in this royal battle, then until July 23 there is a great opportunity to buy it with a 50% discount in the Steam store.

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