Magic: Legends one of five classes

More recently, details have been published about another of the five Planeswalker classes that will be available at the launch of Magic: Legends. By the way, this news was published by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment in their account. They said that this class was inspired by the shining of the sun. It will be associated with magic, namely the white mana of the Assembly. By the way, the class will be called The Sanctifier.

As explained to us, the Sanctifier is a class where goals revolve only around defeating enemies from afar and supporting the health of their allies, which is quite strange. Also, there was published a number of abilities and now I will cover them for you.

  • Divine Bolt: a basic ability that fires long-range bolts of searing light at enemies from a safe distance.
  • Radiance wave: generates a brilliant band of moving light that damages every enemy it touches. At later levels, this wave can also heal the Sanctifier’s allies and Summoners.
  • Rescue: a useful ability that comes with unique stacking mechanics.Each time the Sanctifier uses salvation, they restore health, heal their calls, and receive a stack of devotion. .

And as always, if you want to know something more, you can go to their account and read everything there,by the way, they told you about how they created the appearance of Sanctifier and what went into creating animation and effects in General.

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