LOTRO’s 12-year anniversary: celebrations, more scavenger hunt’s rewards, new update


Big news: Lord of the Rings Online turns 12 years old this week! The LOTRO has launched in 2007, bringing players on a journey that include the wide spread lands from the Shire to Mordor and more of that. So, it’s time to commemorate this date.

The celebrations are already started, despite, as the devs say, the 12th year rewards may only arrive today. This festival throws new items for scavenger hunts for those players who have collected all that was available before.

But this is not the end of news; the team rolled out Update 23.5 on April 23d. The patch is mostly about huge changes to the Burglar class, making it equal with other classes, if we talk about usefulness, survivability, and DPS. To other changes, it’s some small tweaks to Minstrels and Beornings as well as improvements to certain crafted cloaks.

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