LOTRO Players Solve Secret Stones Mystery

A new 3-person instance unlocked.

Not so long ago, LOTRO players solved the latest secret stones mystery.


Recently In their Twitter, the official account shared few things,


“Congratulations to the LOTRO community on solving the mystery of the Secret Stones! Get ready to face the Shadowed King in a new scaling 3 person instance, Askâd-mazal, the Chamber of Shadows, opening May 20th at 10am Eastern!”


Official forums also posted information which was some incite to an alternate method for solving the puzzle,


“Oh, also, the intended way to solve the remnants cipher was to take the 3 balrog text strings and use them as Vigenère cipher keyphrases one after another. I’m super impressed you guys managed to make a one time pad to crack it!”


The forums are full of praise for the folks who did end up solving the mystery. In addition for also putting together the Secret Stones mystery.


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