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LOTRO brings a long-awaited feature – but so bad that hardly anyone understands it

In the MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online, a major patch last week caused a lot of displeasure in the community. The long-awaited change to the legendary items finally went live. But that didn’t go well.

What happened in LOTRO? For some time now, players have been calling for a revision of the legendary weapons and items in the game. The developer has now given in to this requirement and revised the concept of how to get these items.

Plus, new legendary weapons have also found their way into the game. In fact, these are far stronger than the previous ones. But it is basically possible to dismantle your old legendary weapons in order to get the materials that you would need for the new ones. The game just doesn’t tell you how it’s supposed to work.

Also, there was a bug in the system that allowed you to improve your new weapons until they were too good to carry yourself. Here the developer Standing Stone Games promises that a limit will be submitted soon.

How did the update come about? We only found out in June that the MMORPG was getting two new, special servers. Already here there was criticism in the community that other problems of the game deserved more attention. Among other things, the legendary weapons were mentioned here.

The topic has been preoccupying the players for a long time and now Standing Stone Games wants to change something about it. Basically, this change is wanted by the community. However, work still needs to be done on the implementation, because the disappointed players are gathering in the Lord of the Rings Online forum.

The developers assert that the update is not yet final and they want to continue working on the topic, but that is not enough for many players. There is a lack of understanding as to why you should bring out an update when you know that it is not yet ready.

“An immediate reset would be the best idea”

Why is the community disappointed? In a thread on the topic in the game’s official forum, the three points that players are concerned with quickly emerged:

  • Little to no feedback from the community was incorporated into the update
  • There are no instructions in the game on how the new system works
  • Legendary weapons are being monetized too much and real money is almost necessary

The community is most likely to understand the first point. Surprisingly, many agree that not everything the community wants is good for the game. Nevertheless, the update would have been better if you had listened to the players.

The third point also annoys many fans, but also allows understanding. “A game has to earn money, as stupid as it is,” writes a user in the forum. You are not forced to use real money currency in the manufacture of the new legendary weapons, but you have the opportunity to do so at many points in the process. Many people are bothered by that.

Players demand compensation: The second point is probably the one that upsets the community the most and for which there is no understanding. Because the new system is not explained anywhere in the game. It doesn’t even suggest that it is there now.

The MMORPG simply doesn’t tell the player who wants a legendary weapon how it works. There are external websites and guides that have now made this their business, but they also came too late.

As a result, many players have already wasted currencies by doing something wrong. Now they are demanding that there must be at least one compensation.

The user DroboTheDwarf writes: “There is little to no explanation of what to do at all. An outside website describes it roughly but not in depth enough to save players from wasting their currencies. The bare minimum that they [the developers] have to do now is some sort of compensation for this terrible update. It caused too much frustration for many fans. ”

What do the players say? Most people join DroboTheDwaf on the forum and underline its statements. So you can say that the mood in the community is currently very negative. It remains to be seen when and if the developer will react. You can assume that if the official announcement is that you want to continue working on the features.

What do you think of the changes? Do you play LOTRO actively and maybe have legendary items? Are you directly affected by the patch?

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