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Lost Ark: When does the beta for the new MMORPG start?

Lost Ark is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs to be released in 2021. After the first alpha test, many are now waiting for the beta for the game.

When does the next Lost Ark beta start? There is currently no official start date for the Lost Ark beta. On the official Twitter, the answer to the questions about the date is always the same: “We will have new information for you soon.”

After the end of the closed alpha in June 2021, the rumor circulated for a long time that the beta of the MMORPG would start in July. However, that was not the case, which is why fans are now suspecting that there could be new information about Lost Ark and the beta at gamecom 2021.

How can I register for the beta? The next test will be a closed beta again. So you need a key. You can already register for a beta test on the official Lost Ark website. It is also certain that you will get guaranteed access to the beta with one of the pre-order packages. It doesn’t matter which one you buy. By the way, if you had a key for the alpha, you will not automatically receive a key for the beta, as Amazon revealed in the FAQ.

Will there be an open beta at all? No. Developer Roxx revealed via the Lost Ark forum that only the technical alpha from June, the closed beta and then the release are planned. There will also be a wipe of the characters after the beta.

What content does the beta offer? Neither is this known so far. But one can assume that there will be at least 14 playable classes and other content such as story and dungeons that were already available in the alpha. We also know that the progress made in alpha will not be carried over into beta, so you’ll have to start over from 0.

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