Lost Ark: Warriors in the game

Lost Ark: Warriors in the game

The warrior class should not be missing in the upcoming action MMO Lost Ark. In Lost Ark, it can later split into three subclasses, which are clearly different from each other. Read here what the warrior can do here.

What is the warrior in Lost Ark? With the warrior you don’t expect any big surprises at first. You get a fat muscleman who slowly stomps through the area and has a preference for massive shoulder armor.

The warrior fights – in contrast to the Sorceress – through hand-to-hand combat and blows around with sword and shield. His role in the upcoming Lost Ark beta is primarily to keep enemies busy in close combat.

Beserker, Gunlancer and Paladin – the three subclasses of the warrior and his skills

Later you can also develop the warrior to further subclasses. Some of them change his area of ​​responsibility significantly.
What is the Berserker? The Berserker is a warrior’s damage specialization. With a massive two-handed sword, he blows about himself even harder and uses skills above all to decimate large hordes of opponents. So he can spin around wildly and hack up several opponents at once.

Alternatively, he can use the Hellblade skill to create fiery cracks in the ground, steadily wound enemies and ultimately blast them away. There are also various skills with which the berserker sends out waves of energy with his sword that hit opponents at close range. So if you like to clear away large numbers of small enemies, the Berserker is ideal.

What is the Gunlancer? Here you swap your armament for a large shield and a kind of cannon with a massive bayonet. With it you can shoot around at medium distance and still carry out deadly melee attacks. This subclass is no longer a pure hand-to-hand fighter and has various skills for group control. So if you like to play tactically, choose this subclass.

What is the paladin? The paladin, on the other hand, has a rather small sword, but he can support the group with buffs and sanctification, which even act as an aura on their own. In addition, the paladin can unleash the power of the gods in epic explosions. So if you like to support your group then the Paladin is your choice.

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