Lost Ark: Video introduces the magician class

Lost Ark: Video introduces the magician class

In a new video, Lost Ark introduces the main class of the magician. Very high in the polls is the summoner, one of the subclasses of the magician.

Why? The developers of Lost Ark regularly introduce you to their classes in exciting introduction videos. We have already seen the whole thing with the warrior, and second is the magician’s turn. The magician is basically what you imagine a magician to be. It can withstand little, stays at a distance and lets devastating spells patter down on its opponents.

How do classes work in Lost Ark? In Lost Ark you can choose one of five basic classes. From level 10 you can then choose a subclass, which you keep until the end. Lost Ark has a total of 21 classes. (in Korea – we will only have 15 for the time being) In the new video, the two subclasses of the magician have been presented in more detail.

Bard or conjurer? – These are the subclasses of the magician

What can the summoner do? The first subclass, and your most popular class, is the summoner. Armed with elemental energy, it can summon all sorts of monsters that heat up your opponent. With one skill she can even let a whole herd of horses trample on her opponents. Another skill summons a bird that keeps its enemies trapped in a tornado of wind. She can also conjure a giant spear of fire from the sky. The summoner is a classic damage dealer, i.e. one of the character classes that are responsible for the damage in the endgame content, and is at the forefront of all classes.

What can the bard do? Really every MMORPG should have a bard. But even if you disagree, the Bard class in Lost Ark might convince you. With her musical instrument, she can conjure powerful spells, not only strengthening allies, but also doing damage. Despite their generally high damage, we can see the bard as a support class. She shares that with the Paladin, a warrior specialization. Since there are only two supporters in the game, as a bard you will always find a group.

What will the 15th grade be in our version?

Why are there only 2 subclasses of the magician? Anyone who was attentive will notice that the warrior was given three subclasses and the magician only two. This is a peculiarity of EU version of the game, because the Korean servers as well as the Russian servers can look forward to a third subclass, the card magician Arcana.

Amazon has already confirmed that Arcana will not appear in the western version of Lost Ark for the time being, even though it has been in the game in Korea from the start.

Will the Sorceress be 15th grade? We already know that Lost Ark will start with 15 classes in the west, but only 14 of them are known at the moment. Everything that follows is speculation, but: The Korean version of Lost Ark will soon get its 21st grade with the Sorceress. It can of course also be one of the other 5 missing classes that the colleagues at GameStar introduce to you.

The Sorceress is a kind of classic elementalist. Many players are currently suspecting that we can play Sorceress right from the start and that she can become 15th class with us. That would explain, among other things, why the 15th grade is not yet known – because it doesn’t even exist yet.

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