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Lost Ark shows the gunner in the new class video

In the new and final class preview video, Lost Ark shows us The gunner. This comes with 4 subclasses and arm you with everything that can shoot. From bows to machine guns, there is something for everyone.

What are the gunners? The basic class of the gunner gives you access to 4 subclasses but they all have one thing in common: they specialize in long-range combat. Although they also know how to defend themselves in close combat, these skills are mostly used to rebuild the distance to the enemy.

When it comes to guns, the gunners rely on anything that can shoot, and they do it very differently. While the sniper prefers the old-fashioned long-range combat with his bow, the artilleryman heats up the enemy with his flames and bombs rather explosively.

So if you like to do long-range combat and the mage doesn’t have the caliber you need, then you should take a closer look at the gunners. And if you feel like shooting all kinds of monsters as a gunner in the upcoming Lost Ark beta, we have all the information for you.

What can the shooter do? Armed with a whole arsenal of firearms, you go into battle with the shooter. You can choose from a sniper rifle, a shotgun and two handy pistols, between which you can switch at any time. Of course, each weapon also has its own skill set, which makes the shooter one of the more complicated classes.

With your sniper rifle you also have access to the skill “spiral flame”, which charges a shot and then causes enormous damage in a straight line in front of you. He can even break up the earth and let fire flow out.

If the enemies do get to you, you have nothing to fear with the two pistols. With the ability “death fire” you jump into the enemy and shoot wildly around you, which causes massive area damage. You can also throw a grenade in the air and then shoot it, which is also explosive.

And if that’s still not close enough for you, you can use the “Shotgun Master” skill to split your shotgun in two and fire several forward shots that perforate everything in front of you. With this varied skill set, the shooter is probably the most agile of the four gunners.

What can the artilleryman do? The heavily armed artilleryman is not only one of the five best classes for beginners, it will also keep you alive for a long time. The artilleryman is the slowest and most immobile of the lower classes, but he can use turrets and shields to get you out of any dangerous situation.

His large mortar cannon draws on a broadly fought skill set and delivers exactly what one expects from an artilleryman. And a flamethrower. The skill “air attack” shoots a missile into the air, which hits after a short time and causes area damage. The said flamethrower makes the artilleryman more of a hand-to-hand fighter, as he spits fire at short range and deals damage permanently.

The “gravitational explosion” fires a ball of energy that pulls all enemies around it together and explodes after a few seconds. If you adapt this skill in the tripod, it can sometimes turn into a pulsating rolling sphere.

With the “multi-rocket launcher” you do exactly what you imagine. You fire a whole lot of missiles, and that in a fan in front of you. Not only does it look really nice, it also does a lot of damage. With the skill “Napalm Shot”, the artilleryman leaves a burning crater on the ground that causes damage over time.

If you’ve always wanted to be a running machine gun, the artilleryman is perfect for you. You can always keep a safe distance and deal a lot of damage in the process.

What can the sniper do? Contrary to what the name suggests, the sniper is the classic ranger from Lost Ark. Armed with a bow and a dagger and accompanied by a bird of your choice, you let arrows pound down on your opponents.

The ability “arrow shot” is the skill that should never be missing in any proper ranger class. He shoots in the air, whereupon it rains arrows from the sky for several seconds. You’ve seen that pretty much everywhere, but an archer in an MMO without this skill just doesn’t work either.

With the Dodge Fire skill, you jump into the air doing a backflip while firing a bunch of arrows forward that knock your opponents back. Perfectly suited to escape from a dangerous situation and to bring back space between you and your opponent. The “Charged Shot” skill, on the other hand, charges a powerful arrow that explodes at the point of impact and causes enormous damage.

If you’re looking for the classic archer and want a little more action, then the sniper is your class.

Lost Ark always wants to loosen the gender lock of the different classes in the game. Already the 15th grade for the game, the battle monk, was a male version of the normally female wardancer. A similar route is taken with the 4th subclass of gunner.

What can the art shooter do? The art shooter is more or less the female variant of the shooter. She also has three different weapons, including two pistols, a sniper rifle and the shotgun. But it is precisely in the subtleties that it differs from the shooter.

With the ability “bullet rain” she shoots both pistols forward in a cone and can even move, which ensures high mobility and a lot of damage. Don’t get confused now, because the artist has a skill called “sniper” and uses her shotgun to do it. That sounds complicated, but it isn’t at all. Much like the shooter, she splits her shotgun in two and then lets bullets rattle at her opponents.

The skill “Spiral Seeker” shoots two Bolas, which then rotate around your opponent and cause area damage at the point of impact for a short time. The ability “focused shot” in turn charges a single shot from your sniper rifle, which then does a lot of damage.

Even if it hardly differs from the shooter, there are still some subtleties. While both do about the same with the double pistols, the shooter has an advantage on the shotgun, which makes it particularly strong for close combat situations.

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