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Lost Ark reveals details about the shop in Europe

Lost Ark is also getting an in-game shop in Europe where you can spend real money. Many players feared a Pay2Win model for the MMORPG, which will soon appear with us. Now there is finally solid information that we summarize for you.

Why is that such a topic? Lost Ark has been playable in South Korea and Russia for a long time. The in-game shop there is viewed critically by many western players.

A new article on Lost Ark says: “Amazon Games has worked with Smilegate RPG to adapt the business model more closely to western norms and game expectations”.

What does the shop look like in the west? According to the blog post, some key points in the shop have been revised:

  • All items from the shop should also be available for purchase using in-game currencies.
  • Pets can no longer be rented, but can be bought permanently.
  • The items from Mari’s secret shop remain available from the merchant longer (72 hours).
  • The premium service – the crystalline aura – has been revised and now offers less game-critical advantages, such as bonus XP or increased movement speed.

In addition, the premium service can now also be purchased with crystals. So it is no longer necessary to invest real money to take advantage of all the benefits. An advantage that the Korean and Russian versions of the game do not yet offer.

Trading system and all 4 currencies from Lost Ark

This is how it is traded in Lost Ark: In addition to the real money shop, there is a dealer in the game with Mari’s secret shop, whose offer rotates regularly. You can buy items from her in exchange for blue crystals. There is also a trading post where players can trade with one another.

How does the monetary system work? There are four different currencies in total:

Royal crystals. These crystals can only be bought with real money. You can use them to buy blue crystals.

Blue crystals. You can get in different ways. This includes quests and achievements, or you can buy them with royal crystals. You can also exchange gold for blue crystals.

Gold. The classic in-game currency from Lost Ark. You can get gold by completing quests, raids, or in exchange for royal crystals.

Silver. Another standard currency in the game.

You can get it through most in-game activities such as quests, in combat, in chests and so on. By exchanging currencies, you can theoretically earn every item from the shop yourself. However, it is currently not known how high the exchange rate is. So it may be that you have to collect tons of gold in order to exchange them for enough crystals.

You won’t see that until the MMO comes out. However, there are also minor exceptions that cannot be bought without real money.

What’s not in the game? If you pre-order the Founder’s Pack before the release, you will not only get access to the closed beta, but also some extra content. These are only included in the founder package and cannot be unlocked.

When will Lost Ark appear? After the short-term postponement, Lost Ark will be released “early 2022”. There is no exact date yet. Before that there will be a closed beta in November.

When exactly can you play Lost Ark? It will start soon. The first closed beta for Lost Ark should take place from November 4th to 11th, 2021. Before that, there was already a technical alpha, which took place from June 11th to 16th.

What do you think of the changes to the in-game shop? Are the adjustments enough for you, or do they not go far enough for you?

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