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Lost Ark has an update.

So, at the very end of 2020, the Korean version of Lost Ark received another update. It brought with it a “new “continent” South Bern”, an interesting development of the main storyline of the game, new content, various edits and so on.

  • New content.

For some reason, along with the new continent, the developers decided not to add the corresponding sixth tab chaos dungeons, instead players are offered to farm a new dungeon. Unfortunately, since ” South Bern” is available from gsa level 1340, I haven’t been able to personally try this “new” type of content yet, so the description is based on the available Korean material.You will need a special ticket to enter the dungeon. If I understand correctly, 2 pieces are given out during introductory quests, 2 more for repeated quests. Tickets are common to the account, as well as, most likely, you will not receive them when you repeat the quest on twinkies. Unfortunately, we again received activity with limits.

The dungeon itself, I think, is quite simple. The main task of the activity is to kill the final boss in a closed area. To get to it, the player needs to deactivate 3 towers, but since they are behind closed gates, you will first have to take one of the 3 keys. Thus, gradually disabling all 3 towers, you will find yourself at the boss, which will drop a special currency.Special currency is exchanged at the NPC next to the dungeon and most importantly, it can be transferred to another character on the account. The range of goods at the merchant mainly consists of reagents for sharpening T3 equipment, but you can also buy a box with gifts and 1 purple grade rune. Also, according to some sources, from the activity itself, you can get a constellation for the corresponding collection.

  • Equipment.

By analogy with the current banks, which give a 100% chance of sharpening, the game has items to speed up the pumping of T2 equipment Feyton. When you reach 915 GSA, several letters with different chests automatically arrive in the mail, in them you will find various resources for sharpening and most importantly, purple crystals that increase the chance by 100%. They also reduce resource costs by 75%. That is why now in Korea it is very easy to get to the continent of Papunika, which in principle is quite logical, given the addition of South Bern. Although, as in the case of current banks, at certain stages of sharpening, you will have to feed resources or use the current event, which issues various resources for completing tasks up to 1340 GSA.

  • Endless chaos.

As part of the online festival “Loa ON”, the developers touched on the sensitive topic “There is nothing to do in the game every day”, it is of course connected with weekly \ daily restrictions on a number of key content. In order to somehow fix this problem, the removal of the restriction on the chaos of the dungeon was announced, but as it turned out, due to obvious circumstances, this was implemented in a very unusual way. So, all the chaos dungeons of the continent of Papunik can now be entered with a complete lack of energy, but the list of items that can fall out of opponents with a certain probability changes. In the new “infinite ” chaos, you can get 2 new types of items: red crystals and purple spheres . Also, a small amount of T3 galatium and umanium drops from the final boss at stage 2.

Both items are exchanged for goods at the new NPC, which is located near the entrance to the chaos dungeon. The range of products is small and for obvious reasons is aimed at T3 equipment. Here you can buy crystals for sharpening, solarite, reagents for sharpening, new galatium \ umanium, jewelry of different grades . All items are subject to a weekly limit of 99 pieces, which applies to the account.

  • And everything else:
  • It does not apply to this update, but apparently the developers have already moved the idea of PvP equalization to PvE. To fight the keeper of the “Titalos ” on the highest difficulty, players need to draft a build using a certain number of points of characteristics and skills.
  • In addition to this, you can choose any 2 engravings of the maximum 3 levels. All this again is not tied to the progress of character development and thank God does not work for ordinary Keepers.
  • A new restart function has been added to the system for stopping / exiting the current activity. Now, regardless of the status of all group members, you can start the activity again.
  • Rune effects are now displayed in the explanation of the ability when you hover over its icon, it would seem a trifle, but very useful.
  • Fixed the difficulty of the T3 dungeons of the abyss, changed the mechanics of some attacks Avrelsud several changes in raids.
  • The blacklist is now shared by all account characters.
  • Added a confirmation window when changing equipment templates.


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