Lord of the Rings Online devs talk about their ambicious plans to the game this year

Lord of the Rings Online

Prepare for more news regarding Lord of the Rings Online, and it seems like this year promises be hot for LOTRO changes. To commemorate the 12th anniversary the developers has held the livestream, where they revealed a lot of content and details coming to this MMO, mentioning their “ambitious” plans in the improvements that ended with lesser anniversary offerings this time.

The other notable appetizers from the stream contain the confirmation of a Minas Morgul expansion raid, several paths from the current game world to the upcoming Vales of Anduin, and add to that news about the upcoming Rohan housing that’s official. Also, the 64-bit client is finishing up its early test server run and probably will be moved to the public test realm (Bullroarer) soon.

And the community has something to note: Twitch streamer Druidsfire made a tour of the best LOTRO community houses, and there’s really some houses you need to see. “There was huuuuuuge interest in people showing off their houses on the stream, and there have been some amazingly creative houses on display,” says Druidsfire.

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