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LoL: New Champ – Vex is a mage who attacks with shadows

The trailer for Vex, the new champion in League of Legends (LoL), is very well received. The community celebrates the skills of the magician, but also her character. She also apparently plays an important role in Amumu’s sad life.

What’s new at LoL? On September 2nd, the team released the new champion trailer for “Vex, the Gloomist”. And the motto of the little Gothic sorceress is already hidden in the title. Because bright colors or happiness in general are completely overrated in their opinion.

In the trailer, she tears through the rift of the summoners and cooks a lot of enemies right over the top. Always there: shadow forces. In July, Riot Games presented Vex with their topic.

Vex trailer in LoL

This is shown by the trailer about Vex: In the video you first see Zoe, Ivern, Lux and Fizz, all of whom are jumping over the map in a good mood. Then the camera pans to Vex, who doesn’t feel like it and asks to be able to go back to sleep. She then speaks to her shadow and asks if he can see to it that the cheerful champions die.

With her shadow attacks she then gradually kills the opponents. We are including the trailer from Vex for you here: When Vex meets Amumu, she says, “You are sad AND dead? Let’s be friends!” – So Amumu will finally find friends after all.

Which attacks does it use? The exact values ​​and mechanics of the attacks have not yet been officially presented. However, when you first kill Zoe, you can see a strong attack that shoots Vex straight ahead.

In addition, one recognizes a large AoE attack which, after a short sewerage, scares enemies hit. Use this against Fizz, who jumped over the wall.

Vex appears to be able to ride on its shadow for locomotion. How fast this is and whether this is a longer lasting ability like Quinn’s transformation is unclear.

When fighting the dragon, Vex sends her shadow ahead and can then apparently teleport to his current location, which is further away.

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