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Live stream with new details for Path of Exile 2.

So, Grinding Gear Games, the developers of the ARPG Path of Exile, previously announced that on April 8, a live broadcast will take place with new details for Path of Exile 2 currency.

This live broadcast is scheduled for April 8 at 1p PDT, where we will see Path of Exile 2 for the first time. This will be the first time we’ll see the upcoming game since its debut at ExileCon 2019. In addition to this, we will also be provided with more information about the upcoming expansion called Path of Exile: Ultimatum. This expansion will include a new league in addition to new items, improvements to various game systems, and new ways to play.

The live broadcast will include both live Q & A with Ziggid and Chris Wilson, and the show will conclude with a Baeclast podcast featuring Senior designer Rory Rackham. You can watch the live broadcast on April 8 at 1p PDT on the official Twitch channel.

But as for Ultimatum, it will be launched on April 16 on the PC, and then on the console on April 21.



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