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Live broadcast of Ashes of Creation.

The next live broadcast of Ashes of Creation from Intrepid Studios has been announced in January.

So, as it became known, the broadcast is scheduled for January 29 and 11 a eastern time. As always, the team accepts questions until the day before January 28 for submission.

And as always, some players have already stepped in with their own questions, which start from mounts to knots and everything else.

There was also an issue that affected minimaps.

“To my question: Will I be able to interact with the mini-MAP / MAP?By this I mean, for example:? Put out the pins – for monsters, houses, enemies, gathering places, and more.? Pins with text notes.? Be able to “draw” on the map – to show which road we will travel or how the gank will be arranged.Or maybe other things?”

And more recently, Stephen Sharif clarified quite a few details that relate to cosmetics and monthly expenses.

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