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Live broadcast of Ashes of Creation Dev.

Ashes of Creation Dev will be live streamed today at 2pm ET. Here’s a quick PSA: The newest live broadcast of Ashes of Creation is scheduled for today at 11a PDT / 2p EDT. You can expect to receive the latest development updates from the community team in addition to the usual questions and answers.

This thread follows a recent letter to the community from Stephen Sharif, in which he highlighted the road to the wider Alpha One game test, which was postponed until June 1. If you have a question for the team for today’s live broadcast, well, you might be out of luck if you ask it. The issue was closed yesterday, about 24 hours before the live broadcast today.However, tons of people stepped in and asked their questions. One such question was about how skills would be earned and distributed:

  • “How do you plan to distribute / earn skills? (i.e.: The Rogue + Rogue combo will have certain special skills achieved in later levels that will not be available for Rogue + Knight. Or perhaps the Rogue Knight + will have certain skills modified to suit that specialization?)”

Another question was about the corrupt system, asking exactly how it would work in the Ashes of Creation,

  • “What are your intentions regarding the corruption system? Are you aware of an exploit from the current corrupt system where a corrupt player or a corrupt group of players can simply remove the equipment to avoid one of the equipment penalties? If so, how do you plan to solve this problem, or is it intentional? In the dispute with Stephen, it was mentioned that there are other ways to get rid of corruption, what are these ways?”

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