Lineage 2 Essence gets “icy” update in summer

According to the publisher of russian edition of the MMORPG Lineage 2 Essence, new summer update of the game will include winter elements. The new location called “Ice Monarch Castle” will be available for players. They will have to fight against some raid bosses and monsters in the great castle made of ice.

The bosses themselves will appear at the current time: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday evenings. You’ll get the ability to fight with the owner of the castle – Ice Monarch called Klakies – right after defeating weaker monsters. You’ll get the unique ice weapon as an award. We must say it looks spectacular and possesses really powerful skills.

Healers and gnomes will also be rebalanced in the update. Some new unique skills will be acquired by “Spoilers” and “Crafters”. Healer archetype classes such as Priests of Shilen, Cardinals and Priests of Eve will help the command more effectively than before. 

The Lineage 2 Essence update’s release date is still unknown.


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