Lineage will become free-to-play this May in Korea


Lineage is one of the oldest ever on its run graphical MMORPGs, and one of the last available for free games in the industry as well. About the last one, it’s actually becoming free on May 2nd, once Lineage drops obligatory subscriptions in Korea.

As MMO Culture informs, a half-year ago NCsoft stated that the incessantly popular Lineage would never be free of charge. But look at the difference that six month can make, it changed the statement’s whole course on 180 degree! The studio is looking to profit on the last Remastered update that provided higher resolutions and better graphics, trying to renovate the game.

Lineage has been closed in North America in 2011 after 10 years of running. Lineage II is still functional in this global part, and players are waiting for the third main entry, Lineage Eternal, it’s also known as Project TL.

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