Lineage II throws events and new stuff to celebrate its 15-year anniversary

Lineage II

Being active for a decade is a good achievement for any MMO and sounds like nothing for Lineage II, which passed that one about five years ago. The game is starting its celebration on 15th anniversary on April 17th. Players of both the versions of the game, current and classic, will be able to enjoy Oriana’s Lucky Draw, as well as server loads more loot and money, XP won’t be lost on death, and also it adds free teleports among others.

And there’s even more things to get: a variety of other buffs released on April 28th by the game’s community team, and also there will be a proper event to celebrate the anniversary. Plus, developers team promises us more content teases later in April. Well, a happy 15th birthday to Lineage II, may the game thrive and prosper and give more joy to its fun.

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