Mobile version of popular MMORPG Lineage 2 Revolution is getting new battle royale mode

lineage 2 revolution battle royal

Netmarble has released a new battle royale mode to its popular MMORPG Lineage 2 Revolution. Battle Royale has come for the Heroes of Aden as the popular game mode and is now available for players of the game’s mobile version.

New Features

The mode gives access up to 25 players to enter the fray to be the last person standing. They will have to choose from one of four battle royale-exclusive characters, every of them will begin with the same equipment, level and stats.

“By entering Battle Royale, players match together and can choose one of four Battle Royale-exclusive characters that start with the same equipment, level and stats. As they engage in combat, penalty zones appear randomly, with characters receiving debuffs if they are in this zone. By acquiring exclusive skills from defeating NPCs and Battle Royale-specific buffs on the map, players can become the sole survivor by defeating all competing Heroes and receive exclusive currency for new items and rewards.”

New Items & Events

New Lineage 2: Revolution mode will give you a bunch of items, including:

  • Sailor Costumes – They will transform you into sailor, you can get them through the in-game Shop. You will receive a Hat and Outfit, both of which increase Combat Power (CP);
  • Water Gun Weapon Costume – Cool off during the summer with the Water Gun Weapon Costume, now available in the in Shop. This also increases CP.

New events are waiting for you:

  • Bingo events – players earn points to complete an in-game bingo board by completing missions, for special rewards;
  • Attendance events – players get prizes by logging in every day for up to fourteen consecutive days;
  • The Megakurin Web Events – players collect stamina to evolve their Kukurin mount to receive various rewards for each evolving step.

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