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Limit on a group of 12 people in Elder Scrolls Online.

So, some of the reasoning behind the 12-player group limit has been confirmed by Elder Scrolls manager Gina Bruno. In a recent forum post, she confirmed that the driving factor here is, as most have guessed, performance. The forum thread first appeared last month, questioning this limit on a group of 12 players. Several commenters have suggested that the reason for this limitation must be performance-related. Late last week, Gina Bruno tapped into the topic and confirmed what the community had been guessing about for some time.

“As some of you may have guessed, this change ultimately comes down to performance. We were constantly looking for ways to improve performance and stability in the game, and we found that reducing the group size was an effective way to ensure that there would be fewer situations where you hit critical memory. In addition, there is a sufficient amount of data that needs to be shared on the backend for each person in your group. By limiting the group size to 12, we introduce an additional performance boost.”

But the players ‘ reaction was predictably mixed. Some seem to understand the reasons behind this limit. Others note that this restriction creates a real hindrance to certain guild activities, such as tours.

“It will be so difficult during the Guild Housing Tours. We already need to split the group when we move into 12-person homes, but we use group chat to communicate where there is room for the next visitor. I can’t even imagine what it was like with houses for 6 people.”

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