Leveling rearrangements in Star Trek Online: the fast one isn't enjoyable

Leveling rearrangements in Star Trek Online: the fast one is not enjoyable anymore

Star Trek Online

Players rather find it irritating than enjoyable how fast you can level up in Star Trek Online nowadays, you literally can transfer to new ships every 10 levels. Developers probably got the same idea, because the studio decided to change things, allowing players to stick with the same Tier 6 ship from the start and to the endgame.

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But there are a couple of moments that may interest you. At first, you must have a Tier 6 ship in your usage to engage in this (you can earn a free T6 by taking your part in dailies, if you still don’t have the ship). And the second one, your starship’s power and unlocked slots will be decreased to your level and only be fully available once you attain the cap.

 “Removing level restrictions on so many premium starships allows us to eliminate a barrier that was keeping many players from immediately being able to fly and appreciate the ships they had won or purchased, whether that was from the C-Store, a lockbox, or from the Exchange,” Cryptic said. “And by replacing the standard issue equipment with gear that scales along with you, we are removing some of the further pain points of using these scaling ships as you level up, as any gear you haven’t been able to upgrade with drops or mission rewards, will at least stay level-appropriate.”

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