Legends Of Runeterra’s Season Of Fortune Update

Legends Of Runeterra’s Season Of Fortune Update Adds New Game Mode: Gauntlets

Legends Of Runeterra’s next update, Patch 1.4  start of several changes coming to the game over time. The patch, which also kicks off the Season of Fortune ranked season is the first step in changing how Riot rolls out seasonal content, with the intention of releasing new cards every two weeks instead of dropping expansions every four months. That won’t be completely implemented until August, but they’re laying the groundwork now.

In the “Future of Runterra” video, developers Jeff Ju and Andrew Yip said the following: “To keep the interest in the card game alive for a long time, new cards are not enough.” This means that every next season in LoR should be different from the previous one and offer new opportunities to play, win, and use your collection.

Since the new region and new maps will appear in the game at the end of the season of fortune, our priority now is to create a viable ecosystem of game modes and features that will allow you to show off your skills. In particular, we are planning various updates to the competitive component of LoR. The game will add a new competitive mode “fights in the arena” (in update 1.4), change the principle of calculating LP for players in the rank of master (also in update 1.4) and the long-awaited opportunity to challenge friends on other servers (in update 1.6).

With the 1.4 update, a completely new game mode will appear: battle in the arena.

Arena combat is a time-limited competitive mode with its own rules for building decks. The arena fights will start every weekend and last approximately four days. They will be held in two formats, alternating each other every two weeks.

The first battle in the arena will begin on June 26 with the usual rules for building decks. It will help us test the technical component of the mode. But the next battle in the arena, which begins on July 3, will be non-repetitive – this means that you can only use one copy of any card in the deck.

In early July, update 1.5 will add another interesting innovation to the game: laboratories. If arena fights are intended for fans of competitive games, then laboratories are a variety, experiments and a drop of chaos.

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