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Legend of Mana: new plot chapters

Square Enix team shared some details of the upcoming remake of the 1999th year released JRPG Legend of Mana. Users will get the ability of arcane mana tree searching again. The main character of the game saw it in his dreams. You can fight against loads of beasts, meet different characters and explore a giant Fa’Diel’s world while completing the campaign of this familiar story.

New chapters will appear as an addition to the main plot. The main hero will meet his childhood besties – Matilda, Squad, Daena & Irvin. You’ll come face to face with their 10-yeared conflicts appeared right after Fairy War. The second chapter called The Dragon Killer obliges your uniting with Larka and Dragoon from Draconis in order to fight against knowledge & Sierra dragons.

Legend of Mana remake release date is the 24th of June. It’ll be available for PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4 users. You can make pre-order right now.

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