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Ka’Zix & Rengar duel will start in May

One more major update 2.2B of mobile edition of MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift have been announced. It’ll improve champions balance and some shooters will be strengthened. Cloud and Fire Dragons will be weakened and some new objects will be added. Update’ll be released on the 6th of May and Ka’Zix and Rengar will appear in the game some time later.

There’s no information about their differences in mobile version yet. Ka’Zix is able to improve any of his skills leveling up his ult on the PC. Speaking about Rengar, we must say that he’s an assassin unexpectedly attacking from the invisibility. Developers should carry these features to the Wild Rift.

These champions will carry a new game mechanic with themselves – the duel of the sworn enemies will become available. It’ll be activated when Ka’Zix and Rengar are on opposite teams or are at distance of 16 units from each other. This mechanic also can be used if both of them didn’t receive or inflict damage in last 5 seconds. If Rengar wins, he gets charges of ferocity while Haunting passion (one of his skills) is active. Contrary, Ka’Zix’s victory brings the winner a point of evolution.

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