New launch trailer for Apex Legends’ Season 2: Battle Charge went live, showing many tidbits

Apex Legends’ Season 2: Battle Charge

The new official Apex Legends trailer for second season has just released, bringing to us a name and a glimpse at the things to come in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter. The trailer, which had leaked late yesterday evening, promises that Kings Canyon, the game’s premier map, “will never be the same”. The name for Season 2: “Battle Charge.”

Other Trailer’s Highlights

The video shows a lot of the new hero Wattson that many are looking forward to. Other tidbits in the trailer include the Levithan stomping its way onto the land. It also appears to show Crypto using his laptop to allow the Flyers and the Levithan to come into Kings Canyon.

All in all, it looks like a number of exciting upgrades that will aim to restore some of the explosive popularity Apex Legends enjoyed immediately after launch its launch, before the game’s player base slowly trailed off. Respawn, which has openly talked about maintaining a healthy workplace culture and avoiding crunch, is eager to introduce more changes but at a pace the studio leadership feels comfortable with. Going off the reception of both the CGI trailer and the gameplay one, fans are excited.

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