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Launch of a small event in Albion Online.

So, four years have passed since the launch of Albion Online itself, so, wanting to celebrate such a significant event for its creation, Sandbox Interactive studios announced the launch of a small event dedicated to the next birthday of the game.

So, as part of the celebration, until July 26, all the heroes of the fantasy world will be affected by the “Fogs of Albion” effect, which provides a 25% bonus to fame earned in any available way, except for participating in PvP and reading intuition books. In addition, the classic dungeon “Defenders of the Past” will return for a short time. Its doors will close on July 31 at 13: 00 Moscow time, and until then, you can get actual loot and a festive blue banner for completing the activity.

By the way, earlier the developers shared their plans for the further development of Albion Online, in particular, the team announced its intentions to focus on changing the open world.

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