Great news for all those who get bored of the daily grind in Black Desert Online. It’s time for you to kick back and relax and listen to some tunes, or better yet, compose your own. Pearl Abyss has just rolled out a new feature called Compose and Play. Today’s update lets you do just that. And there is no one better to play your compositions than the adorable support bard, Shai.

According to the official press release, players can now create intricate musical masterpieces using the game’s robust music editor. The editor features a variety of musical instruments with the ability to change the BPM, time signature, and the number of instruments that they’ll be using. While players can compose using any character, they’ll get to use Shai to actually play their compositions. Players can even form mini-orchestras with multiple Shais playing different instruments.

In addition to the music editor, the update also kicks off a new daily login event where players can claim up to $100 in premium items. You can get a wizard mini-pet, a service maid, and a special buff called The Book of Old Moon. The login event will run until June 3rd.

Pearl Abyss also revealed their plans to revamp the item bundles in the cash shop “to better reflect the current state of the game and provide better value to new players.”


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