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Last year for Albion online was the biggest for the game.

The Albion Online team has released some of the latest figures as part of its demographic report for this spring.

According to the team itself, last year was the biggest for the game. The average daily number of users continued to grow throughout the year, starting with just over 60,000 last spring and ending with more than 140,000 this spring. Without a doubt, blocking helped in this, as it would seem that everyone flocked to video games.

Also, the team cites the Rise of Avalon update in August as a big push that introduced several new features in addition to two new languages. Thus, in September, the average daily number of users exceeded 125,000 players. That peak came in February, when that number rose to 135,000.And earlier this month, the Call to Arms update introduced several new features, such as Factional Warfare, Hellgates, and Loadouts. This then combined to create a new peak of over 140,000 daily average users.

As for what will happen next for lbion Online itself, the team gave an idea of what they were working on,

– First, we are working hard on the mobile version and preparing the final parts for the official launch of Apple and Google store. We’ll have some interesting mobile version updates coming soon, so stay tuned. And of course, we’re already looking forward to the next big steps for the game, including our next major content update later this year, which will focus on improving and deepening the open world of Albion.”

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