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Last week, an AMA was held in Albion Online.

Well, an AMA was held in Albion Online last week, and some of the information obtained as a result of this event may require raising an eyebrow or two.Albion, which recently introduced a mobile version of the MMO, held an AMA on Reddit, answering some burning questions from its community. The team talked about some of their PvE, while the developers stressed that the PvP of Albion is not the main direction of the game for the team, and that PvE does not go by the wayside.

“We see Albion Online as a fully player-driven medieval game world, including a fully player-driven economy and the continent of the Beyond, where players fight for control of the territory on a huge scale. However, we would never say that “PvP is the main focus of the game”, as it really depends on your style of play. There are a lot of people who are mostly focused on the in-game economy, focused on PvE / hardcore PvE, or just enjoying a variety of activities together with a group of friends. Having said that, Albion doesn’t have a scripted / predefined PvE storyline, and it really tells you what to do as a player after a certain point. You have to find your own place in the game world, but at the same time you have a lot of choice.”Subsequently (since the poster indicated that the development team did not actually answer the question, the Albion team stated that they were going to” deepen the PvE experience “with the next major content update that” significantly ” improves PvE in the open world.

However, some of the biggest news that will come from the AMA is related to the hint that a console port may be in the works.

“In the end, it is likely that we will transfer Albion to consoles, but we do not have any concrete plans for this yet, and this will almost certainly not happen for the next 12 months.”

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