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Last round of Elder Scrolls Online patch notes 7.03.

Elder Scrolls Online players can log into the game via PTS, and watch the celebration of the First Year. All this and more is discussed in the latest round of PTS patch notes 7.03.

The celebration of the First Year brings us back to Orisinium, Kraglorn, and the Imperial City. If you’ve never participated in this event before, it’s essentially a celebration of the first year of content in Elder Scrolls Online, when it was first released. Players will be able to earn First-Year Chests when they complete actions in any of these zones, such as killing bosses, loot, and daily quests. They also have the option to drop some returning items from celebrations in Orsinium and the Imperial City over the past few years.

Some other things that may fall include:

  • Tel Var drops from enemies in the Imperial City are doubled.
  • The bosses of the White and Gold Tower and the prison of the Imperial City drop additional loot.
  • Maelstrom Arena and Dragonstar Arena bosses drop extra loot.
  • Bosses from the Aether Archive, Hel Ra Citadel, and Serpent Sanctuary drop additional loot.

Meanwhile, ZOS continues to ramp up marketing in the upcoming Blackwood chapter. More recently, the team provided a breakdown of the companion system, which you can read here. There will be two companions, Mirri Elendis and Bastain Hallix, whom ZOS has already mentioned earlier

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