Last Oasis was supposed to get a new patch.

So, on February 1, that is, yesterday, Last Oasis was supposed to receive a new patch that brought with it fixes and improvements to the quality of life.

In fact, the patch has been delayed since the team outlined on Twitter with the release.

“We want to make sure the patch is stable before we release it. Due to backend issues in the last few days that have prevented us from testing, we will postpone the patch until Monday.”

Here are some of the innovations:

  • Fixed aiming lines for exoskeletons and remote ballista.
  • Fixed the exploit flags.
  • Fixed extraction of passing through the wall.
  • Fixed invisible players.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Tracking down enemy poaching huts .
  • There is no building around the proxy to prevent grieving .
  • Fixing the grappling hook.
  • Added a new interface for the selection of equipment.
  • Is used when you spawn on the Walker.
  • If Walker’s bubble disappears against the player’s will, Walker and Screw are sent to the map lobby.

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