LAST OASIS: the latest update of the game will get a new volcanic map

“We’ve always planned to add in a hot and dangerous biome that was more than just the sands of the oases, where the environment poses the biggest threat to its inhabitants. Initially, we added small volcanic areas to hard maps, but knew that it wasn’t enough to create a true sense of danger. We hope to remedy that with the full volcanic map.” here’s how the developers commented on the update.

As if the sandy post-apocalyptic world in Last Oasis wasn’t dangerous enough, developer Donkey Crew comes in and adds a new lava-filled volcanic zone in this week’s Volcanic Update. The new zone features vast Icelandic-inspired plains with intricate volcanic rock mazes and lava lakes. According to the devs, these lava lakes will swallow and burn anything that falls into them including Walkers so approach them at your own risk


What will also be included in the update:

  • -New hard map (similar to the old one, but with roads through the map to make it easier for large volckers)
  • – Asteroid events that allow players to collect iron
  • “In the end, the oases will burn!”
  • Added a clan timer: after leaving a clan, you will not be able to join another one for three days. This is done to prevent clan jumps to avoid penalties.

What mistakes were made:

  • Various models and LOD are optimized.
  • Optimized various particle logic and visual effects.
  • Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой Clam Walker не обновлялся.
  • Исправлены проблемы столкновения с Clam Walker.
  • Fixed a bug where the network sometimes fell through the ground.
  • Fixed the sound of Walker destruction being played on the connecting server.

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