Last Oasis decided to launch season 2.

Most recently, the first season of Last Oasis was released, and now it has decided to launch the 2nd season.

The Donkey Crew found out in the first season, and also describes the changes and fixes they plan to implement to help improve the lives of nomads around the world. Some of the main issues detailed by the community are addressed, in particular the fact that small groups and single players haven’t really been given the tools to succeed.

More recently, Last Oasis relied too much on its inherent mechanics to give players a safety net, without giving players the proper means to secure themselves. And many of them didn’t work. For season 2, a lot of content was added to bridge this gap, as well as shifting more towards basic gameplay that gives everyone a safe place to relax.

The second season will also show players changes to the grindy aspects of Last Oasis, giving players more resources and making the clumsy walkers that are the iconic focus of the survival experience build faster. In addition, the team promises to make things easier for single players at the end of the game, especially tablets, which are essential for these high-quality skill unlocks.

Here’s what the team said:

Our goal with the clan cap is to stop the need for endless mergers. Over time, more and more clans joined together, because the exponential gain from this was simply huge. We think this change will create a more diverse clan ecosystem and more fair fights. Of course, we understand that large clans can still split into related clans, but this involves additional organizational costs, and shared access to resources is very limited. Season 2 will help us gather more data and feedback to see where we take it from here. For all the clans screaming “bloody murder”, we love you and appreciate your feedback, but we will stick with it for season 2 because we want to see the consequences for ourselves before changing it again.

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