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Large-scale update of EVE Echoes..

NetEase Games and CCP Games studios have released the first large-scale “Indomitable” add-on for the mobile  EVE Echoes. The addition further increases the scale of the game, adding the ability to capture space in zero sectors and build new structures. In addition to the mechanics of sovereignty, “Indomitable” allowed young pilots to speed up the leveling of the character, and large corporations and alliances to participate in even larger battles.

The slowing of time.

With the release of the “Indomitable” update, the New Eden universe will see more frequent wars, so the developers have added time dilation (tidi) mechanics to EVE Echoes, which will allow for larger-scale battles. When the number of people in the system exceeds a certain limit, creating too much load on the server, tidi is activated in this system, slowing down the time to allow the server to process all the necessary data.

While it is active, combat, flight and warp in the system will be slowed down, but other functions, including resource extraction, market and industry will not be affected. There are currently 10 levels of time dilation. At level 2, the time will be twice as slow as usual. At level 10, time will slow down by a factor of 10. The tidi level will be adjusted automatically according to the intensity of activity in the system.

Mechanics Souverainete.

In New Eden, sovereignty is the most important part for developing the economy and obtaining resources. Each system in EVE Echoes is like a city, where players can build all sorts of structures, including public complexes (objects with system bonuses) and personal structures (capsuler outposts). Due to limited resources, only corporate strongholds and Capsuler outposts have been completed so far. The developers will continue to follow the plan to develop additional space structures and related bonuses, including features that will allow players to build their own resource chain in zero-security regions, personal stargates, and more.

Changing the mechanics of character leveling.

After the launch of EVE Echoes, the developers received a lot of feedback from players hoping to get more skill points. They want new players to be able to catch up with veterans as soon as possible and explore the New Eden universe together. During regular meetings in October, this issue was discussed with the core team of CCP Games from Iceland, who offered some valuable ideas. Taking into account the various reviews of both beginners and experienced players, the developers decided to adopt a more traditional design of the advanced training system.

Currently, players who start earlier must have a certain advantage in skill points, which is both a reasonable requirement and a form of respect for their hard work in New Eden. At the same time, the team hopes that the new pilots will be able to better fit into the daily life and combat operations of more experienced capsules.

Therefore, the following decision was made:

Skill points will be available through the event. If a player already has more than 30 days of the Omega Dual Bundle left, or if they purchase an additional 30 days of the Omega Dual Bundle, they can participate in the event. The event will last a month. During it, participating pilots will be awarded skill points, the sum of which is equal to (20,000,000-current skill points) x 10%. These skill points will be awarded to players for 30 days. Both beginners and veterans can participate in this event.

Capsulers who have less than 24,000,000 skill Points are eligible to participate in the event. Event rewards are not related to the time of account registration, but are based on the character’s current skill points and change with them. More detailed information should be available on the event page.

This is an experimental event that aims to give new pilots more gaming experience. Its results will help shape the direction of future changes and optimizations to create a plan for catching up with old players with new ones.

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