Kate Bishop will be able to join the game.

Three months after launch, Marvel’s Avengers Crystal Dynamics has added the first new avenger to the team, finally. Kate Bishop will be able to join the game along with a new operation that is dedicated only to her story.

In the latest patch for Marvel’s Avengers, Kate Bishop will join along with Hulk, Thor, captain America. And the rest of the team as they battle the forces of A. I. M. and rescue an ally along the way. In addition to adding a female Hawkeye, they also fixed a number of issues with the “Avengers assemble again” campaign, some multiplayer issues, and even made some changes to mission rewards.

Also, there are some notable fixes:

  • Minor adjustments to existing call termination amounts.
  • Hives give more targeted rewards and can include named sets of epic gear.
  • Improved multiplayer stability.
  • New operation: Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Kate Bishop-Taking Aim (no extra cost).

Despite all these fixes that made it into the game, there are still a few fairly high-profile and well-known bugs on the list.

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