Prince of Persia can be revived, as creator Jordan Mechner wants to make a brand new game in the franchise

prince of persia return

The Prince of Persia games were iconic and even spawned movie goodness. Because of that long-beloved history with gamers, it’s understandable that many fans still are in their hopes for a game return. The creator Jordan Mechner seemingly isn’t ready to give it up too and recently mentioned he was open to a new Prince of Persia game.

Mechner’s Plans On The Franchise

In an interview with GameLab, Mechner reveals interest in creating a new installment in the franchise, but doesn’t share any ideas as for where he’d like to take things. Mechner also reveals that he’s fine with remakes/remasters, but it’s not something he would personally want to be involved in.

He introduced a e book concerning the creation of the unique Prince of Persia, three many years after it was made. The e book is being revealed by Stripe Press and relies on journals Mechner saved when he was growing the game.

After asserting the e book, a viewers member talked about what number of traditional games have been seeing a renaissance these days and whether or not Mechner could be fascinated by seeing a Prince of Persia revival. Thinking this is a referring to a remaster, Mechner replied, “I would love to replay those old games.”

The audience member then clarified that they meant to ask if he would be interested in making a new game in the series, to which he replied, “Yes”.

The last new Prince of Persia game on consoles was Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands back in 2010. It’s nearly been 10 years without a mainline installment, minus a mobile remake and re-imagining of the original title. It seems like now’s the time for a new installment, isn’t it?

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