John Wick arrives to Fortnite with Wick’s Bounty Pack, short review & trailer

john wick fortnite

Keanu Reeves makes his return not only in new John Wick: Parabellum movie, but all the Fortnite fans will see him in their beloved game soon, apart from Reaper. The mode called Wick’s Bounty is arriving to give players new experience of fighting for the assassin currency of the films in a form of gold coins.

Wick’s Bounty Pack

The new set will also include the Assassin Pack back bling and the Simple Sledge harvesting tool. A nice suit and other additions are on their way too. The items are brand-new and have nothing common with ones from Hired Gun set, inspired by John Wick movies as well.

fortnite wick

Fortnite John Wick Currency


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