Jagex is planning to release Old School RuneScape.

In October 2020, the Jagex studio on Steam released the current version of RuneScape, where the game is very popular. Now, after the next sale of the studio, the developers plan to launch another project there-Old School RuneScape.

The project is a version for the “oldies”, as it is based on the game sample of 2007. Although just recently, the authors decided to add a PvP mode called “Soul Wars”, which first appeared in 2009. Perhaps, in this way, the creators plan to update the project in some places.

In any case, the release date of Old School RuneScape is set for February 24. And now the game even has its own page. Therefore, if you want, you can add a new product to the wishlist to receive a notification about the release.In addition, the project will support all the current features of the platform: cards, achievements, emotions, badges, and much more. And the community center will not be left without attention – there the authors will share announcements and other interesting material.

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