Interesting news about the Hashashin in BDO

Hashashin will get his awakening skills today in Black Desert Online. So, since Hashashin is a popular class among many, it will have access to the following post-patch skills. Paradise splash-quickly close the last gap between Hashashin and a specific enemy to deliver a fatal blow. Constriction-Hashashin can cause sand snakes to constrict and bind your enemy, making them immobile. In fact, the upcoming update will provide access to secondary weapons, and some celebrations will already be released on both consoles, marking the anniversary of Black Desert Online on PS4. What about awards? 200 Crowns Of Stones Roll tip +100 A rare boss chest will also be available for purchase in the run store for just 1 run. Hashashin was originally released as an exclusive temporary console and is the 19th character class to be added to the game.

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