In the spring update of Bless Unleashed, an ancient weapon will appear.

In the latest post of the Bless Unleashed team, it is said that the ancient weapons are being sent to the game very soon,and that is, in the spring release. It means, that BiS weapons will cost considerably more. Good time to buy some star seeds in Bless. Obviously it’s available at our store.

According to Round 8 Studios, the Ancient Weapon is an S-class weapon that is heading into the game and will require a “serious investment” to earn it. To find them, players will have to find clues that will lead you to the Cursed Ancient Weapon, the guardian of the weapon, and who will eventually be able to help you remove the curse from this weapon.

Also, the team wants players to understand that this weapon is very rare and quite powerful. In fact, it may take months before the player can find and unlock the full potential of the Ancient Weapon. You can read more about this in the official release. Bless Unleashed will see its Spring Update later this year, and so far they have stated that it will be quite big, with lots of new features and updated systems.

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