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In RuneScape the beach was returned in the latest update.

So, the most important thing is that the beach is finally back in RuneScape in the latest update this week, bringing with it a lot of activities to take part in. Players will be able to explore the beach until August 8. But if you haven’t been there before, don’t worry. There will be several activities to participate in, such as a coconut flock, barbecue, bodybuilding and much more.

By participating, players will receive experience and other various rewards. The beach also offers a variety of cocktails that will help develop various skills. The included patch notes make several additions, including the combat quality of life. For example:

Added the combat ability “Stop”.

  • The ability will be active for six seconds or until the player attacks again, and will be:
  • Pause Revolution.
  • Pausing the automatic retaliatory strike.
  • Suspending the usual automatic attacks.
  • Cancel an ability in the queue or a special attack.
  • Immediately stop the active directional ability.
  • Cancel the possibility of detonation of the charge.
    When the effect ends:
  • The revolution will start again.
  • The automatic retribution function is activated again if it was enabled earlier.
  • The familiars will resume their automatic attack.
    The patch also contains several fixes, including:
  • Stopping and destroying will no longer prevent the ability to destroy from returning.
  • Prevented a crash that can occur when destroying dropouts with other related items in the inventory
  • Users who have logged into an account with an invalid slayer task are now deleting their slayer task.
  • Players who failed to complete the slayer task will now be able to get a new task when logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where Vannaka did not allow users to configure Varrok teleportation.

In the latest RuneScape news earlier this month, there was an update dedicated to the legendary redefinitions of pets and much more.

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