In Phantasy Star Online 2 the Hero class will appear.

So, SEGA introduced the Hero class back in September as part of the free Episode 5 update for the Western version of Phantasy Star Online 2.

“Episode 6 introduces the phantom class and the Etoile class; both are part of the Scions. Phantom skillfully uses sticks, Katanas, and assault rifles in a manner unique to their class. But their advantage doesn’t end there, as they can quickly modify the standard photon arts of their baton or katana on the fly with a weapon action, thus performing a photon art shift and increasing the variety of attacks they can perform. Even their techniques, when performed with a baton in hand, provide additional attack techniques.”

The Road to Episode 6 campaign now lives on in the game, which is designed to help players prepare for the next Chapter of the fantasy MMORPG. During the campaign, players will have the opportunity to purchase 15-star weapons and 12-star units, as well as emotions, weapon skins, SG, and more.

Also, in addition to the two new classes, episode 6 will also raise the level to 95 and introduce new story quests, as well as a new urgent quest called “Armada of destruction: Intercept”. The urgent quest will include a large-scale space battle against the goddess of destruction Shiva and new, tougher and more complex types of enemies. Two new Pets will also be available to Summoners as soon as the update hits the servers.

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