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In May the Final Fantasy 14 digital fan Festival will take place.

The  Final Fantasy XIV digital fan Festival will be held in May, and Square Enix has detailed the schedule for this event..

Fans can see the full schedule on the official Fanfest program, complete with streaming times, events, panels, and even a full Q & A session. The FFXIV Digital Fan Festival kicks off at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT on May 14 with its keynote address, with panels running until late in the evening. Since the event takes place in Japan during the day, you will have to stay late if you want to attend the live stream, so keep energy drinks and coffee on hand. On Day 1, participants will be invited to a development panel, a piano performance, and a panel provided to players by the Japanese community team.

Day 2 starts around the same time at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT with its opening, although the real meat of day 2 is a Letter from a live producer happening at 6: 50 PDT/9: 50 EDT. From there, the audience can see a glamorous showcase, take part in the contest ” Who wants to be a millionaire?” and much more.

The team will also host a live Q & A broadcast at 10:30pm PDT/1:30am EDT, and players can start submitting Q & A questions today for the development team to answer during the fan festival.

The ¬†Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival runs from May 14-15, culminating in a live performance by The Primals. You can find the full schedule on the official website of the Digital Fan Festival. Also, in case you missed it, patch 5.5 dropped last week, and Victoria has a full, spoiler-free portion of the patch experience from a seasoned FFXIV veteran. Also, the open beta for the PlayStation 5 has also dropped, and Gabriel thinks it’s a pretty great port so far.

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