In Guild Wars 2 there is an opportunity to personally try out new elite specializations.

So, Guild Wars 2 fans have the opportunity to personally try out the first 3 of the 9 new elite specializations that will appear together with the release of the large-scale End of Dragons add-on. As part of the very first beta event, the following elite specializations are available: Virtuoso (Mesmer), Willbender (Guardian), and Harbinger (Necromancer). Anyone can take part. To do this, you do not need to buy the End of Dragons add-on, access to the beta event is provided absolutely free of charge.

On the character selection screen, you should have 3 special slots. They will allow you to create level 80 characters with new elite specializations and appropriate equipment. You can go to explore Tyria, to instantiated content, sPvP and WvW modes, as well as the Maiden’s Whisper Tavern. After the completion of the beta event, all the progress they have made will be deleted.

The beta event will end on August 21. The release of the End of Dragons add-on is scheduled for February 2022.

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