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In February 2022, Guild Wars 2 players are waiting for the End of Dragons add-on.

In February 2022, Guild Wars 2 players are waiting for the next large-scale addition End of Dragons. It will not only offer to go to a new region of Kantu, but also present previously inaccessible elite specializations for each of the classes. The first studio Arenanet decided to show Virtuoso-an elite specialization of Mesmer. He is able to transform the power of his mind into deadly psionic blades. Unlike traditional Mesmer illusions, these blades are used as magical projectiles. If Virtuoso ever finds that the supply of magic blades is running out, he can always count on a durable forged dagger in his hand.

From August 17 to 21, the first beta event will be held, during which players will be able to try out Virtuoso, as well as 2 more elite specializations. You don’t need to buy an add – on to join the fun-everyone who has an official account with a good reputation is invited. Create a free Guild Wars 2 account today and you will also be able to keep up with the most advanced Kanta fighting techniques.

How to participate.

When you enter the game on August 17, you will find 3 special slots for beta characters with elite specialization on the character selection screen. Use them to create fully equipped level 80 characters and experience each of the new elite specializations.

Please note the following restrictions for beta event characters:

Beta characters are temporary. At the end of the event, they will disappear as mysteriously as they appeared.
Your game progress will not be saved. Your beta character is temporary and when he disappears, all the progress he has made will also disappear. Your regular Guild Wars 2 characters will still receive progress in normal mode when you play for them.
You can play existing content. You can freely explore Tyria with the help of new elite specializations in the current open world, instantiated content, sPvP and WvW modes, as well as the Maiden’s Whisper Tavern. Other Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons content will not be available for the game during beta testing.Announcement of new elite specializations.

This Friday, August 13, there will be a live broadcast on the official Twitch channel of Guild Wars 2, during which the developers will present 2 more new elite specializations of the End of Dragons add-on. They will form the Virtuoso company at the beta event.

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