Harry Potter: Wizards Unite makes small numbers comparing to Pokémon Go

wizards unite numbers

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is off to a slow start compared to Niantic’s gargantuan Pokémon Go.

The new mobile game from Niantic, which allows players to experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter through their smartphones, arrived in the U.S. and U.K. on Friday, June 22.


Sensor Tower estimates over 400,000 installs in the first 24 hours (across iOS and Android), which it says amounts to $300,000 in player spending. However, those numbers pale in comparison to the launch of Pokémon GO.

They were enough to ship Pokemon Go to the highest of the App Store’s grossing chart. While these numbers can get higher as increasingly more individuals set up Wizards Unite, it doesn’t seem like it’s anyplace close to as huge of successful as Pokémon Go was at launch.

What do you think? Is there any slim chance, Wizards Unite at least will make it to the equal position with Pokémon Go?

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